Hawkshead Relish Salted Caramel & Sticky Toffee Sauces

Sometimes you just want to forsake the fruit, spare the salad and vanquish the vegetables in favour of something a little more, well, indulgent. Whilst I'm a big fan of healthy eating, the occasional sweet-treat can really lift your spirits and soothe your soul, and our Hawkshead Relish Salted Caramel Sauce and Sticky Toffee Sauce are firm family favourites for satisfying even the most insatiable appetite for culinary comfort.

Whether poured lavishly over freshly popped popcorn made with our Gourmet Gadgetry Retro Popcorn Maker, drizzled over ice-cream or demolished with a teaspoon as a midnight snack, both of these sauces are as adaptable as they are delicious. Handmade, suitable for vegetarians, gluten free and 100% GMO-free.

Our Salted Caramel Sauce is made with fresh cream, farmhouse butter and the legendary Halen Môn Anglesey Sea Salt that delivers a sensationally tasty experience with the delicate saltiness cutting through the richness of the cream perfectly.  Meanwhile our more traditional but no less delectable Sticky Toffee Sauce is the ultimate antidote for blues of any shade and is a winner of the highly coveted Great Taste Awards.

So grab a handful of caution and throw it into the wind, let your hair down (I would if I could), and enjoy your sweetest Summer yet compliments of Hawkshead Relish Company and Titch & Cable. Available now for snappy DPD delivery at just £7.95 or standard 7-10 day deliver at just £2.95.

Nom nom!

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